If you haven't seen the new Leonardo DiCaprio flick "The Wolf of Wall Street", you are missing out on the most profane film in movie history.  According to a new article in Variety magazine, the 506 f-bombs in Martin Scorcese's latest film just broke the record for the most f-bombs ever uttered in one motion picture.

To truly appreciate this record, one must first break down the numbers.  506 f-bombs in a 180 minute films works out to nearly 3 f-bombs per minute.  That's one f-bomb every 21.4 seconds.  Impressive, especially when you consider the new profanity record doesn't account for any of the other curse words uttered in the film.

In case your wondering, the previous record holder for the most f-bombs dropped in one movie was Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam", which clocked in at a measly 435 f-bombs.  The filthy language aren't the only profane moments in the movie.  "The Wolf of Wall Street" also depicts an orgy, gratuitous drug use and violence.

So far, the film has been well received by critics.  According to the movie website, Rotten Tomotoes, 75% of people have given it a positive review.  "The Wolf of Wall Street" is now showing here in Billings at Carmike Wynnsong 10 and Carmike Shilow 14.