Staying at the same job for 33 years is remarkable in any line of work.  In the radio business, it's almost unheard of.  Today, the Hawk's Production Director John Thomas celebrates his 33rd anniversary with our company.  Sort of, it's been several different companies since John first joined our sister station KTCR back in 1984.  If you hear a commercial on the Hawk, chances are "JT" produced it.

In fact, in my 20 years of radio, I only know of one current streak that's longer, a guy named Stu who's been on the air at the mighty KCAL in Southern California for nearly 40 years.  You know you've been around for a long time when you call Sam Talkington "the new guy".

When he's not making commercials or screaming at sales people, JT is a rocker.  His favorite band is Tool.  He also moonlights as a stand up comic.  So if you ever see a grumpy old man cracking crude jokes at an open mic, that's probably John Thomas.  In honor of his anniversary, we're putting JT in charge of the Beer Run today.  Expect to hear at least one Tool song.