While the rest of us are celebrating on the 4th of July, Hawk rocker Craig Johnson will be hopping a plane from Billings to Los Angeles.  He's the guy who won our big KISS of Def contest back in May and he'll be in Irvine, California, on Saturday seeing one of the biggest concerts of the summer.

Not only will Craig be witnessing one of the greatest spectacles in rock n roll for the very first time, he'll also be supporting a couple of military veterans who were recently hired by Kiss and Def Leppard as roadies for the tour.

After a nationwide search in conjuncton with Military.com's "Hire a Hero" program, Kiss and Def Leppard recently selected two veterans to hit the road with them this summer.  Retired U.S. Army Veteran Bill Jones will be in charge of hauling Def Leppard's gear.  Meanwhile, Retired Field Radio Operator Kayla Kelly will be responsible for dealing with KISS fans in the "VIP section".  Check out this awesome story about how the bands chose the winning applicants and what they're experience has been like so far.