Last night, hardcore metal veterans Death Angel rolled through Billings on their latest US tour.  The venerable thrash pioneers have been recording albums for over 30 years, longer than some of their fans have been alive.  One of the local groups they helped inspire is an up and coming band called Tribe.  After delivering a solid set in support of Death Angel, Tribe is quickly becoming a force on the local metal scene...and a couple of the guys are still in high school.

Tribe was formed in 2011 when two students from Billings Senior High School started jamming with three recent graduates.  Despite the fact that half the band isn't old enough to get into most places they play, they have become a well respected staple at metal shows all over the state.

They describe themselves as "five hungry metal heads from the desolate wasteland of Billings, seeking only to rip face and kill posers".  And that's what they sound like too.  Vicious old school riffs, virtuoso solos, wicked screams and thunderous beats make them one of Montana's most "moshtastic" bands.

If you dig thrash metal, check out Tribe on Reverb Nation,  Soundcloud, Youtube and Facebook.