Lovelies, I realized that perhaps it is time for a small tutorial on what exactly makes up a Cougar. While so many women CLAIM to be true Cougars, being a Cougar is a true art form that not just anyone can master.

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    You Won't Find Her Cutting a Rug

    She is less likely to be on the dance floor, preferring instead a spot at the bar or a table where she has a clear view of everything going on. She will have some sort of electronic device with her; cell phone, Ipad, etc, but will only check it occasionally. She uses her gadgets for brief communication only, preferring “old fashioned” face-to-face dialogue. She will have a drink in front of her. She prefers good wine or scotch, but can sling back a beer with the best of them. Remember, this lady has been around experiencing life for a while.

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    Don't Bother Looking For a Ring

    A cougar is NOT married. A Cougar can be divorced but they are never married as they prefer independence to being smothered in a relationship. It’s possible that before becoming a Cougar she was once married but now likes to do things her way. Cougars do not do well in captivity.

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    Flattery WILL Get You Places

    She accepts compliments with poise and grace. She is more likely to accept it than to shy away from it; she’s attuned enough to know that the compliment matters, unlike insecure younger women. She understands the value of a compliment and gives them freely and genuinely.

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    Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

    This one is my favorite. She likes sex. A lot. Frequently. Morning sex. Nighttime sex. Afternoon delight sex. She knows her body and is not afraid to give you direction. She also knows how to touch her partner. She has a sense of humor in the bedroom as well as a sense of adventure. She is not afraid to respond favorably when you get it right. She will always return a favor, if you know what I mean. (And if you don’t, I’m not sure you should be reading this.)

    A true Cougar will never “have a headache” as we understand the naturally healing power of the orgasm. We like them. A lot. A true Cougar will almost never run out of steam, instead getting progressively more fervent as time goes by. This is why the Cougar prefers the younger men.