There's been a lot of talk around the studio with this Tax Refund Giveaway campaign underway. Just like we do when the Powerball Jackpot skyrockets, we've been sitting around daydreaming about what we would if we were handed a $1,000. I've thought long and hard about it, and I've decided exactly how I would spend an extra $1,000. 

I know everyone's first thoughts of how they would spend extra money always goes towards something responsible like rent or credit card bills, and I'm the same way. But where the hell is the fun in daydreaming about paying bills? That's why I came up with how I would spend the $1,000 based solely on my own selfish desires. If given the chance, I would blow every single penny on clothing!


Are you still with me? Don't ask for my Man Card quite yet! Because when I said I would spend all that money on clothing, I was specifically referring too purchasing myself some new suits! I'm a practical guy and I think that $1,000 would probably be best spent on two $500 suits as opposed to one $1,000 suit.

Since I'm shopping locally here in Billings, I like to do my men's fine clothing shopping at a downtown shop called Desmonds. I've had some really nice experiences with the staff at this shop and I am always excited to be able to give them some business!

What would you spend a $1,000 on if you won our Tax Refund Giveaway? Leave your ideas in the comments section!