All this money we are throwing around this month has gotten me thinking about how I would spend $1,000 in Billings if I happened to win the giveaway (which I am not allowed to do). So if given the chance, this is how I would blow a $1,000 right here in the Magic City. 


I think the best way I could spend a $1,000 in Billings is dedicating a day to nothing but leisure and relaxation. And why not? Us Radio Guys work really hard...I totally promise! Hahahaha. So what I've done is plan out JP's UItimate Saturday in Billings.

  • 1

    Breakfast at The Field House

    Got to start the day off right with the most important meal of the day. If you haven't had a chance to experience a meal at the Field House Cafe yet, then you are doing yourself a disservice! Get there and get your grub on.
  • 2

    Massage at the Spa

    Guys I know what you're thinking, "I ain't no $#@&% #$!(&*^. I'm not going to some stupid spa." Trust me, it's COMPLETELY worth it. You know how good you feel after..."coming to fruition"? Well imagine that amazing relaxed feeling lasting for several hours. Yeah, THAT is why I will drop some cash on a massage at a spa.

  • 3

    Sushi Lunch at Fancy Sushi

    All that relaxing is going to work up an appetite. So the next stop for me after the spa is going to be a delicious sushi lunch at my favorite joint, Fancy Sushi.
  • 4

    Afternoon Moscow Mules

    After lunch it's time to wet my whistle! I am a huge fan of the popular drink Moscow Mules, and a great place for a couple of mules is the Trailhead Spirits vodka distillery right here in downtown Billings.

  • 5

    Take in a Movie at the Theater

    I'm a huge movie nerd so I am always looking for a good movie to go take in at the theaters. My favorite place is the new Shiloh 14 so it's a good thing I have a thousand bucks to blow!
  • 6

    Dinner at Walkers

    I've lived in Billings for almost two years now, and I have had a lot of great meals at a lot of great restaurants. But if I am looking for an amazing meal and I am not concerned about cost, then I will personally go to Walkers every time. Every piece of their menu is a master piece and of course they prepare some amazing STEAK!