Is that coal in your stocking, or a grenade?  The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona is offering a special way for families to put forth their holiday spirit. Gone are the days of hysterical children, trying to wriggle their way off the lap of a bearded stranger that smells like Marlboros and peppermint schnapps. Enter the greeting card that packs a real punch. Like that coming from the smoking barrel of an $80,000 Garwood Minigun

That's up to 6,000 rounds of Christmas cheer per minute! Grandma will love seeing little Johnny brandishing an AK-47 while his plucky sister Susie abandon's Raggedy Anne for the latest in rocket propelled grenades.

Of course some in the hypocritical left wing media are having a fit over Santa's Toy Shoppe being converted into an end-of-times survival bunker. The same people that claim video games, indulging young minds in the art of mob violence and mowing down hookers in your choice of stolen vehicles have little or no effect on children. The identical people that insist that saying "Merry Christmas" is offensive and equate a "Holiday Tree" displayed in a capitol rotunda without a menorah present to forcing people into a boxcar bound for Auschwitz.

In a state that has a conceal and carry law and in a country that has a second amendment, I think this is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit.  Let the children know that not only does Santa know if you've been naughty or nice, he's also packing some serious heat!