I saw this video of people trying South Carolina food for the first time and it reminded me of how I used to believe that "Southern Food" was just "food" and that everywhere in the country ate the same way.

I moved to Montana 10 years ago, but I grew up on the border of Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia. I also spent a lot of time in South Carolina where my dad is from. I ate "Southern Style" for the first 20 years of my life. When I first left the south, I didn't realize that there were places in America where you couldn't get sweet tea, or soup beans and corn bread with chow chow, country ham with red eye gravy, etc. The closest thing I have to that food here would be Cracker Barrel, which is to southern people what Panda Express probably is to Chinese people.

As for Montana, this state most definitely loves to consume meat, but I have yet to encounter anything I would call uniquely Montanan. Maybe the problem is that if there is such a thing, it's not on a restaurant menu, but rather on the dinner tables in family homes.

If you ever had to move away, is there any local food you would miss?