I felt compelled to write this and remind everyone that despite what's been going on in the news lately, it's OKAY to do nice things for people!

If you haven't been following along in the news, a woman has come under serious verbal abuse by a man who, thanks to her generosity, was able to afford to release his beloved dog from the pound. The man has become extremely upset and threatened legal action over the fact that the woman who raised the money, would not blindly hand over the cash to the man. She wanted to ensure that the money went towards what it was raised for, to help with care of his Dog.


My opinion of the matter at hand aside, what worries me the most is that this will cause folks to think twice about doing something nice for others. So if you're reading this, please don't ever hesitate to do something nice for someone else! Trust me, your good deeds will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.I can attest to that personally!

I was having lunch the other day at one of my favorite local joints The Burger Dive. I was sitting at the counter because I was solo. While I was enjoying my Thunderbolt burger a gentleman came in and sat down next to me. He began counting out his change to see if he had enough money for a cup of coffee. I told the waitress not to worry about his change and to just put the coffee on my bill. I asked the gentleman next to me if he was hungry too. So I told the waitress to go ahead and add another cheeseburger to my order.

As I was scarfing down my Thunderbolt and trying to pretend like I wasn't crying from the Ghost Chilis, a young gentleman approached me and asked me if I was a local resident. I informed him that yes, I've been living in Billings since June of 2012. The gentleman proceeded to give me his business card and introduced himself. Cory is the new Sous Chef at the restaurant opening in the newly renovated Northern Hotel. He explained that he had seen what I had done and wanted to extend to me chance to have a reservation place in my name for the evening of their restaurant's opening evening.

I share this  story not as an excuse to brag, or to flaunt how considerate I am. I only wanted to write and share this story to show everyone that your good deeds don't go unnoticed and that they can and will inspire other people to do good things too!