Over the weekend, I had the privilege of seeing an outstanding Celtic rock band called "Gaelic Storm" at the Babcock Theater.  At the concert, I was introduced to a beverage called a "Montucky Cold Snack".

At first, I thought it was some type of Moscow Mule mixed drink.  Instead, I learned that it's not a mixed drink or a beer, but rather a "cold snack".  And what a tasty beer flavored snack it is.  This classic example of marketing genius must be a god send to married guys.  Next time the better half is bustin' your beans about your beer consumption, you can honestly tell her that you're just having a snack.

During the show, someone passed a Montucky Cold Snack to the singer of the band.  He was so impressed by the concept of a cold snack, he actually posted a message about it on the official Gaelic Storm Facebook page, saying, "Half time at our first Montana show. A gentleman in the audience bought us a 'Montucky COLD SNACK!' Think it might be our favorite 'snack' ever!"  At the moment, 433 people have liked that post and 14 folks shared their status.