Jeff Beck recently was asked if any guitarists from this era could be considered in the Top 100 to ever pick up the instrument. At first, the guitar legend was reluctant to name anyone, before settling on one guitarist.

“John Mayer, he seems to be the one to fly the blues flag,” Beck told “He’s the new Eric Clapton, I would imagine.”

Beck went on to discuss his upcoming project with former Jeff Beck Group bandmate Rod Stewart.

“There’s some rumblings in the jungle about Rod Stewart. We’ve had a couple of meetings and he’s keen,” Beck said. “That was the thing I was looking for was keenness on the other side, and he’s got me fired up for something to do rather than worry about my next album.”

Although Beck and Stewart are teaming up, the album won’t be a full-blown Jeff Beck Group reunion. The guitar god said that Ronnie Wood won’t be involved.

“I’m going to put a band together,” he said. “Well, [Ronnie’s] a Rolling Stone, can't use him in my band. [laughs] No, it would be fun to do that, but it’s not the Jeff Beck Group with Rod; it’s me, probably with my choice of players. We have to see in the lottery who ends up winning when we make the album.”