If you haven't seen the pictures from our first Billings Bike Night at the Powderhorn Lounge, we saw some sweet rides last night.

John Lucas didn't win any awards for his 2011 Yamaha Raider, but he ended getting the best prize of all.  Tickets for his choice of concerts at the Buffalo Chip Rally in Sturgis.

John's not sure which show he's gonna see.  He's leaning towards the Lynyrd Skynyrd / Collective Soul concert.  But then there's that ZZ Top gig tempting him.  And Motley Crue and Alice Cooper is gonna be an awesome double bill.

Luckily for John, the decision isn't up to him.  He's gonna ask the boss what she thinks.  We'll let you know what Mrs. Lucas decides.

Of course, we'll be hooking up bikers with Buffalo Chip tickets every Wednesday during our six week long Billings Bike Night series.  Our next stop is up in the Heights at the Stadium Club.  If you've got a bike, come show it off.  And even if you don't ride, you can still sign up to win the free tickets.