Saturday night, you are cordially invited to spend $15 to watch a Pay Per View cable broadcast of Journey guitar player Neil Schon's wedding to reality TV star Michelle Salahi.  Quite frankly, you couldn't pay me $15 to watch it.

What can you expect to see for your money?  A live performance from Journey, during which they will debut a brand new song.  You'll also see plenty of celebrities in the wedding party, including red rocking groomsman Sammy Hagar.  Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ongoing Typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines, the homeland of current Journey singer Arnel Pineda.

Will former Journey singer Steve Perry be in attendance?  Don't count on it.  Which is a shame because a Journey reunion might actually convince me to watch a wedding on pay per view.

Salahi first gained fame in 2009, when she and her ex husband showed up without an invitation and "crashed" a party at the White House.  She later went on to star in the Bravo network series "The Real Housewives of Washington, DC".  Hopefully, for his sake, Schon  has a solid pre-nup.  Because, somehow I get the feeling, this marriage won't until death does them part.  Call it a hunch.