So I am not feeling too good about my reaction to the fact that my grocery store was out of my favorite brand and flavor of chips. Normally I'm a pretty easy going guy, and if I am being honest, I don't really need to be sucking down a bunch of chips anyways. But this time was a bit different. 

This was the second time in a row that the Albertsons I shop at didn't have my Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. The first time was probably two weeks ago, which in grocery store time, you would think would be enough time to restock the shelves. When I found that they weren't stocking my chips, I decided on an alternative. I chose to go with the brown bag of Sea Salt chips. Just Sea Salt, no vinegar. In my ignorant bliss I thought, "hey I bet these are close enough to what I enjoy." I was wrong, very wrong. The Sea Salt (no vinegar) chips are a poor and sad substitute for my Blue Bag chips!

So when I went back this time to do some more grocery shopping only to discover that there was no blue bags but a sea of brown bags. Do you know what happened? I got angry. Immediately followed by a huge sickening wave of "WTF JP? You're getting mad over a bag of chips?" It was a sad moment for both myself and humanity.

Hi I'm JP, and I have emotional attachment issues to a bag of potato chips...