Everybody and their dog appears to have jumped onto the "Throwback Thursday" meme. Every Thursday people dig up old photos of themselves and friends from way back and post them on their social media for everyone to enjoy and feel all nostalgic. This week I decided to take it one step further and dig up some old video. For this Throwback Thursday I went all the way back to my senior year of high school, 2002. Check out what I came back with.

So what the hell is happening in this video? During my senior year of high school I was lucky enough to be placed into the NCTV program under the tutelage of Lance Madzey our teacher, mentor, and still to this day, an awesome friend. I learned a lot great things under Madzey's watchful eye and I have a lot of great memories too.

We produced a live weekly show called 'Studio 39'. It included news pieces, original productions, and of course idiotic things like the video above. Our motivation for the video was, "how many stupid things can we do with Eggnog?"

We came up with an eggnog drinking contest (that ended in a lot of puking), an Eggnog Shower with your's truly (yes I scream like a girl), and lastly, every man's fantasy - an eggnog wrestling match. The last bit of video is a little bit of behind-the-scenes look at what it involves to put something like eggnog wrestling together.

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