People freaked out earlier this month over photos of a 19-year-old cheerleader from Texas Tech who posed with a bunch of animals she killed on safari.



And there's also a story in the news today about a woman from Belgium who got a gig with L'Oreal after they showed her on TV at the World Cup . . . then lost it because SHE posed for a similar photo.  But I think STEVEN SPIELBERG'S got 'em BOTH beat.

A photo of Steven posing in front of a dead DINOSAUR went viral late last week.  Of course, it's not a REAL dinosaur.  It's an old photo from the set of "Jurassic Park".


Also, the dinosaur in question wasn't even "dead" in the movie.  It's the triceratops that's sick near the beginning, and Laura Dern's character digs through its DROPPINGS to see what it's been eating.  (Watch the scene here.)

Anyway, some guy posted the shot of Steven posing in front of it, with a caption calling it "disgraceful", and asking people to share it so, quote, "the world can name and shame this despicable man."  Which was OBVIOUSLY a joke.

But apparently it confused more than a few people.  Because a ton of newspapers and websites felt the need to clarify that Steven wasn't posing in front of an ACTUAL dinosaur.  So . . . just more proof that humanity is getting smarter and smarter.