Here at the Hawk, our studios are located on the top floor of the Crowne Plaze Hotel in Billings.  With an average room rate of over $120 per night, it's one of the ritzier places you'll find in this town.  Imagine my surprise when I was riding up the elevator to work this morning and I ran into the guys from the band Black Flag.

The legendary hardcore group played a gig last night across Montana Avenue at the Railyard Ale House. When I ran into them this morning, they were headed to the 4th floor to do their laundry before hitting the road for their show tonight in Butte.

The guys in the band were very cool, pointing out that the Billings crowd last night was "awesome".  I told them that I grew up listening to them back in the 80's, when my skater/stoner friends first turned me on to punk.  Their bass player, Tyler Smith, must have had a similar experience because he responded by saying "F@#$ Yeah".  The little old lady stuck on the elevator with us was mortified.

Remember back when punk bands used to travel in crappy vans and crash on couches? Based on the size of the bus in the parking lot, they've come a long way.  Evidently, these days, even the hardcore punk rockers prefer more luxurious accommodations.