I skipped out of the offices earlier than normal yesterday with the intent of getting some vitamin D. I guess that’s a perk of getting to the station every morning at 4. My work day ends earlier than most. My destination of choice yesterday was Riverfront Park. My mission was to get some sunshine and maybe feed the ducks. As most Billings residents know, there is not a shortage of geese and ducks at the park right now. I could have brought three more loaves of bread and still not have fed everyone.

While spreading the carbs to our feathered friends, we did meet Stubby. At least that’s the name my wife gave the one legged Mallard who made us his meal ticket. This guy either lost his right leg or was born this way (We didn't get a chance to ask). But he had no problem maneuvering on the ice to get the bread we were serving up. In fact he held his own quite nicely amongst the larger geese. And when we walked to the bridge, it was Stubby who took flight and followed us, landing on the ice with a slide – he may be one leg short, but has more sense than the others on how to get a free meal!

Mother Nature works in such wondrous ways.