If you haven't seen it yet, there's a viral video making the rounds that demonstrates how truly dangerous listening to Nickelback can be.  Last month, two guys in Idaho were detained by the local police for mentioning that the guy in the car next to them was rocking out to a Nickelback song.  The cop thought he heard them trying to buy a "nickel bag" of weed.

Here's a thought:  instead of threatening guys who say the word Nickelback, perhaps our society would be better served if the police detained and hancuffed every douchebag radio DJ who plays Nickelback on a so-called "rock station".  Quite frankly, playing Nickelback on the radio in the year 2014 should be a crime.

At least those so called "rock stations" should have the decency to not play Nickelback on our country's birthday.  I propose that every rock station in America should declare a "No Nickelback Weekend" to honor America on Independence Day.  Of course, here at the Hawk, we are proud to say that every day is "No Nickelback Day" and hopefully it always will be.

If you want to check out the video of the Idaho cops hassling the Nickelback dudes, here's the link.  WARNING:  the video contains graphic language.