Move over Sochi, the Olympics are coming to Billings.  The Bar Olympics, that is.  This Saturday, "athletes" from all over town will feel the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at the Grandstand.

This weekend's Bar Olympics marks the 9th time that the Grandstand has held competitive contests for bar patrons.  32 contestants will compete in a variety of events, including Silver Strike Bowling, Power Putt Mini Gold, Big Buck Hunter and Beerball.  The top three teams in each event will be awarded with medals.

One of the athletes who will be representing her country this weekend is our very own Hawk salesgirl Bethany Olsen.  Bethany has always dreamed of being an Olympian.  She claims that she has been training for the Bar Olympics by drinking copious amounts of Olympia Beer (it's the water).  She plans on bringing home the gold, provided she doesn't get too hammered.  "I live a block away from the Grandstand and I'm just hoping that I won't end up crawling home".

Registration for the Bar Olympics is full, however, spectators are invited to watch the event, which starts at 1 pm on Saturday.