In case you've been living under one of those hermetically sealed rocks for the last several year you've probably heard about AMC's 'Mad Men'. The show the follows a cast of characters working in the 1960's era Advertising industry in New York. The focal point of the show focuses around Jon Hamm's character Don Draper.

Not living under a rock? Good. Allow me to confirm that everything people say about the show is true. It's truly an amazing piece of television and the best part is all five past seasons of the show are available right now on Netflix!

Mad Men, Facebook

The acting is all top notch, and Jon Hamm isn't even the pinnacle, but he does set the bar very high. The production value as you can see from the above photo is on point, and stays true to the era. It's interesting to watch everyone smoke and smoke everywhere, including Doctors in their examining rooms!

At this time Netflix has the five previous seasons available for you to stream. Season Six is    currently airing on AMC, once that season has wrapped up it will be available for streaming on Netflix. So if you're looking to kill some time this weekend, I can't recommend this series enough!