A rapper and Magic: The Gathering enthusiast has sent ripples throughout the Internet by releasing a wave of asscrack pics onto the unsuspecting masses. Sid 'OB1' Blair recently uploaded a batch of photos featuring the exposed gluteal clefts of different Magic players. Blair titled his photo album Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle.

A Reddit post suggests Blair's antics may have gotten him banned from the event. Many people on Twitter seemed to find the rapper's actions in poor taste, and according to the Reddit post, many of them "are people who are either official, semi-official or high-profile members of the Magic community."

OB1 responded negatively to accusations saying he was being the "fashion police." He said on Reddit, "I am not making fun of these people for dressing the way they are. Their asscrack is exposed. That has nothing to do with fashion."

No word yet on whether or not this has helped his rap career.