Some people have junk in the trunk. A man in Croatia has a trunk in his junk.

In one of the most Babar-ic things a man can do to himself short of listening to Yanni while going shoe shopping with his significant other, a fella in the Eastern European country decided it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of an elephant trunk.

On his penis.

Kind of makes that whole Mike Tyson face tattoo seem tame, right?

It’s unclear how much the ink cost, although you can bet it went for more than just peanuts (rimshot, please!). That's because getting a tattoo of an elephant trunk on your dong is a little more involved than the standard “Mom” across the arm.

The staff at the JoJo & Kenfa tattoo parlor told him the man he would have to return to the shop at least 10 times to treat the painful itching he would experience. Because everyone knows that when you decide to stamp your love for Dumbo onto your dong, it’s going to itch so badly that it makes the chicken pox feel like a walk in the park.

Look, if you’re itching (pun intended) to get an elephant trunk tattoo in the first place, odds are side effects such as the need to scratch like you’re Funkmaster Flex aren’t going to stop you and that was certainly the case here.

The man wasn’t deterred and he got his ele-funky tattoo, although you have to feel sorry for the poor souls who are unlucky enough to be standing in the room when he decides to show it off.

The real question now is how is the man going to top this off? Heaven forbid he likes monkeys and has some real estate in his cornhole.