Paul McCartney tickets are all sold out.  You could pay $500 for a pair of cheap seats online.  Or you could publicly humiliate yourself and win some sweet seats from us.

On Friday, the Hawk is kicking off a contest called McCartney-Oke.  It's your chance to win a pair of lower level tickets for the McCartney concert in Missoula on August 5th (Section 106, Row 110.  These are going for about $350 a piece on stubhub).  Plus, we'll throw a $100 gas card to get you there and back and we'll put you up in a hotel on the night of the show (Good luck finding a hotel room in Missoula on August 5th).

Here's the plan:  Bust out your fancy smartphone and record yourself singing your favorite Paul McCartney, Wings or Beatles songs.  Submit that video on our website before July 27th.  Then come back and vote for your video July 28th - August 1st.  The McCartneyoke performance with the most votes win the grand prize.

What's that,  you don't have one of those fancy smart phones?  No worries.  Wednesday July 23rd, we'll be broadcasting live at the Montana Lil's Casino on 2350 Main Street.  Just show up and sing a song and you'll be entered into the contest.  Good Luck.