Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Scary as hell right? But what if marriage had a leasing option? Try it out for a few years to see if it’s worth all the trouble. Mexico is considering the idea.

A proposed ordinance in Mexico City would allow engaged couples to decide on the length of their marriage. A couple that just isn’t sure about the whole ’till death’ option can set a date for as little as two years. At the end of the set time, the couple can choose to renew their license or trade in their spouse for a newer model with leather seats and that nifty self-parking option.

Mexican officials haven’t all gone loco. There is a reason for the proposed ordinance.

The bill is designed to reduce painful and costly divorces, by letting marriages end easily and outlining child custody and property agreements beforehand.

Any guesses as to who isn’t happy about the whole short-term marriage idea? Larry King! Kidding. He will be on the poster promoting it in the United States. It’s a different out of touch old man with better clothes. It’s the Pope. According to the article the Catholic church “finds the idea appalling.” Their argument is “It’s Adam and Eve not Jose and Eve for a couple years until they realize they made a huge mistake and feel it’s best to amicably split and go their separate ways.”

Thankfully that will never fit on a bumper sticker. Not even one made big enough for the Popemobile.