Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger is apparently working on a new solo album with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). Jagger’s brother Chris spilled the beans on the project in an interview with Portuguese television, according to

“He’s doing a record at the moment in Los Angeles with Dave Stewart, he called me last night telling me what he was doing,” Chris Jagger said. “So he keeps in touch.”

It’s unclear what impact this would have on the much-rumored Stones 2011 tour. Neither Mick nor Stewart have confirmed that they are working together, although they have done so in the past. The duo worked on three original songs for the Alfie soundtrack in 2004. Also, in 1987, Stewart was one of the co-producers on Jagger’s Primitive Cool album and co-wrote the songs “Let’s Work,” “Say You Will” and “Kow Tow.”

Jagger’s most recent solo album was 2001’s Goddess in the Doorway.