Lately, there's been some talk about Bozeman's bid to host the 2028 Winter Olympics.  Clearly, Bozeman is not big enough to handle half a million tourists.  However, the state of Montana would be idea for the Winter Games and here's how we could do it.

Make Bozeman the geographic center of the games.  Build an Olympic stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, and an arena for some of the indoor events.  After the games are over, I'm sure that Montana State University would be happy to take over those venues.

Use the ski areas around MIssoula for the outdoor, mountain based events.  The resorts will be able to attract tourisst into those olympic venues for decades to come.  Like Bozeman, the University of Montana could annex the bigger buildings or stadiums that may lie vacant after the games.

And now for the most important part, we MUST MAKE SURE that Billings is the host of Curling.  We don't need to host the entire Olympics, just Curling. Hell, we wouldn't even need to build a new stadium.  Metra Park is big enough to host Curling.

Bozeman doesn't have the population to support the Olympics.  Neither does Missoula.  However, if we combined our resources and made a state wide effort to lure the games, Montana might be just big enough to make it happen.  Socci only has 343,000 people.  The combined population of Billings, Missoula, Bozeman and Helena is nearly 300,000.  And, at the very least, the bathrooms would be a helluva lot nicer than they are in Russia.