Several years ago, a few friends of mine went on a weekend fishing trip and returned with bad sunburns.  As it turned out, each of them brought enough sunscreen to cover their chests, but they refused to spread it on each other's back.  Which begs an interesting question: if you were fishing with your buddies, and one of them asked you to apply sunscreen to the 'hard to reach' area on his back, would you do it?

I posed this conundrum on my Facebook page today and every single guy, save for one, said hell no.  In fact, the only guy who said he would rub sunscreen on a buddy's back was a Hawk rocker named Adam Martin.  Adam was quick to qualify his statement, pointing out that he would only do so if it were a close friend he has known for years.

Here's some of the most interesting responses from Facebook:

Hawk rocker Tim Burns (how ironic) said "I would draw a c#$% and balls with the sun screen."

Anthony Galvan said "Absolutely not...HE'LL Fn NO!!!"

Joe Toler said "Aint gonna happen. Live with the burn"

Hashley Sizemore, an avid fisherman, said "In all my time fishing and the many tournaments I have fished I have NEVER heard of that!"

Brad Giese said "I'd put a bunch of lotion on the bottom of my boot and then kick my buddy in the back"

And my old high school buddy Caleb Carveth said, "Sure, if it was spray on. Other than that, put your f#$%ing shirt on."

Then there's Hawk rocker Steve Hoffman who wondered "Why the hell is he shirtless?"

Good point Steve.  What would you do?  Feel free to share your answer on the Hawk Facebook page.