This here is one of my family's dogs. His name is Scooter and he's going about two years ahead at this point in time. Scooter was rescue dog that my mom brought back from a trip to Colorado. He's been a hell of an entertaining little guy ever since we've brought him into the family.

The Easter European Village look.

My family has a long standing history of adopting dogs from Animal Shelters, and we've always seemed to have ended up with mix breed dogs.  Every single one of our dogs have been complimented on their wonderful personalities and Scooter has been no exception to that! Check out this video, it shows Scooter trying to sit on my bed. Unfortunately the video didn't capture the entire episode, because he went in circles like this for a couple minutes before he finally settled down!

Once he finally settles down, he's also got a really strange way of sleeping.