Usually, I scroll through my Facebook feed and say a prayer for the pitiful state of discourse in our society.  However, occasionally I will stumble across something that completely restores my faith in humanity.

A group in Brownton, Minnesota called BARK, Brownton Area Resources for Kids, just announced a Human Foosball tournament.  What is human foosball?  It's only the raddest sport of all time. It works just like regular foosball, except human foosball uses 12 actual people instead of little plastic dudes on a poll.

Based on the video they posted to promote the event, construction a human foosball table doesn't look too tough.  All you need is 12 people (the drunker, the better), 6 poles (steel or plastic tubing), and some wood planks to surround the court.

Check out this video from Shannon Jerabek of Brownton, MN.