Happy National Doughnut Day from your pals at the Hawk.  It's your patriotic duty to have at least one today.

Turns out, National Doughnut Day dates all the way back to 1938, when the Salvation Army created the event to honor the men and women who served doughnuts to officers in WWI.  It is celebrated each year on the first Friday in June.

According to Wikipedia, this is one of three annual events dedicated to doughnuts.  International Jelly Filled Doughnut Day is coming up on Sunday (June 8th).  National Cream Filled Doughnut Day is observed on September 14th.  That's not to be confused with National Buy a Doughnut Day on October 30th.

Here in Billings, our friends at the Log Cabin Bakery brought us 3 dozen doughnuts today.  So far, I have consumed 4 of their delectable Maple Bacon Doughnuts.