If you plan on having a drink (or ten) tomorrow night, here's an awesome new drinking game you can play while you crank up Dee Snider's House of Hair on the Hawk.

Here's what you'll need:  At least two people, at least two shot glasses, a bottle of Sailor Jerry's Rum, and a radio.

The rules are simple.  Whenever Dee Snider plays an obscure glam metal song from an 80's hair band tomorrow night, the first person to correctly name the artist and title of the song forces their opponent to take a shot of Sailor Jerry's.  However, if you guess incorrectly, you have to take a shot.

The last person who hasn't puked or passed out is the winner.  In the unlikely event that the entire bottle of Sailor Jerry's is completely finished before any of the contestants get sick or lose consciousness, a draw will be declared.  Competitors may also forfeit by turning over their shot glass and uttering the phrase, "You sank my hair band battleship".

Of course, you can travel back to the 80's every Saturday night from 6 to 9 when the Hawk rocks the House of Hair with Dee Snider.