Stop me if you've heard this before.  A music website recently conducted a reader's poll that declared Neil Peart from Rush as the greatest drummer of all time.  Duh.

The latest poll comes courtesy of a site called Consequence of Sound.  Their readers were ask to vote for their favorite drummers from a field of 16 legendary skin bashers.

Not surprisingly, Peart won by a wide margin.  In fact, in the final round of voting, he received 87% of the votes in a decisive victory over the late Led Zeppelin beat keeper John Bonham.  It's one thing to beat Bonzo.  It's another thing to win by such a wide margin.

Other drummers who advanced in this poll included Bonham, Danny Carey from Tool and Mike Portnoy, formerly of Dream Theater.  You can check out the full results from the Best Drummer Ever poll, right here.