There are all kinds of innovative ways to keep your cocktail ice cold. But this is a new on on me. But first. The real reason I wanted to post a beachy story:

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Oh Yeah!
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Oh My!
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OK, I guess I better justify the hottie parade by presenting the following story of drunken genius:

If you're heading to the beach this weekend, want to make sure your beer stays cold, don't want to spend $2 on a beer koozie, AND don't mind looking like an EXTREME REDNECK, Her's your solution! (Click HERE for photographic evidence of this clever use of a poop unplugger)

A chick in Louisiana realized you can use a TOILET PLUNGER as a beer koozie.  Your beer should fit nicely in the mouth of your plunger, which keeps it cold, and you can plant the handle in the sand to keep it standing up.

Clean the plunger first, or don't! Who cares? You're on the beach, and hammered!

...and one more gratuitous bikini pic for the road:
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