Last night, I was contractually obligated to hand out promotional swag for one of our sister stations at the Babcock Theater during a concert featuring a hip hop group called "Tech-Nine".  For a moment, I thought I was at a Juggalo Convention.

I swear, every white trash, trailer park dwelling, wanna-be gangsta white kid from Montana were there.  It was a frightening sight and a sobering reminder that those kids are the future of America. As I watched a pregnant teenager, whose neck was covered in hickeys and really bad tattoos, puff on a cigarette, I hung my head in shame and said a prayer for our country.

Of course, every age group thinks the younger generation is clueless.  And god knows, we acted like idiots back in our day.  I shotgunned beers in the parking lot and then smoked cheap dirt weed out of that same empty beer can.  And the clothes.  I can honestly recall wearing a pair of orange overalls and thinking I looked cool.  But at least I had a job and the ability to speak the English language in a somewhat coherent, if not articulate, manner.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old curmudgeon, these hip-hop kids might very well be the dumbest, most self righteous, entitled and spoiled faction in American history.

On the bright side, I saw a metal group called "Tribe" play this weekend.  They are a local band made up of 17 year old headbangers and these kids can shred.  After their set, I was impressed by their humility and maturity.  So maybe it's not a generational thing.  Maybe rocker kids are just more respectful and thoughtful than the Lockwood Wangstas.  Dear God, let's hope so.