This weekend, the powers that be sent me to help out at the Headwaters Country Jam festival outside of Three Forks.  As a lifelong rocker, there's only so much country music I can stand in one day.

So after I finished setting up our country station's clients and listeners, I immediately headed to Bozeman to party on Main Street.  On Friday, they were conducting a street party called "Music on Main".  It was there I encountered a new grass roots political campaign that you could only find in a town like Bozeman.

The Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus was founded several years ago by a group of local conservatives who couldn't get the Bozeman City Council to listen to them.  After being shut out from several meetings, hearing and public debates, they decided they would probably have better luck if they invented a fictitious organization that only appealed to a very small segment of the population.

Since founding the The Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus, the local conservatives have had much better access to local politicians and their group is now several hundred strong.  According to one of the spokesman, most of the members aren't really green, none of them are gay and one of them is actually a logger.  Only in Bozeman.