If you've ever listened to the Hawk from 7 to midnight, it may come as a surprise to learn that our night guy JP was even accepted into college, let alone graduated with a degree from Montana State.  As a Bobcat alum, JP harbors a deep seeded hatred against the University of Montana, their fans and all people from the greater Missoula area.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why JP claims that the University of Montana sucks:

1.  He dislikes white guys with dreadlocks

2..  He didn't think Missoula native Dana Carvey was funny in "Wayne's World"

3.  People on bicycles annoy him

4.  He never gives to panhandlers

5.  The television show "Twin Peaks", directed by Missoula native David Lynch, was a little too weird for him

6.  He thinks that only sober people should be allowed to float down a river in an innertube

7.  People driving fuel efficient hybrid cars that are covered in bumper stickers disgust him

8.  He considers it a crime to wear socks with sandals

9.  Missoula is known as the "Garden City" and he despises vegetables

10.  He contends that the Ruby Cafe is vastly overrated

I don't mean to start a fight, but if I was a Griz fan, I wouldn't take that.  If you would like to tell JP that he's an idiot, feel free to drop him a line Josh.Price@townsquaremedia.com.  And make sure to "Pick Your Side In the Great Divide", it could pay off with a pair of tickets to the sold out Griz-Cats game in Bozeman on the 23rd.