Ozzy is picking the Denver Broncos to win the Big Game on Sunday.  Ozzy the bear, that is.  The ZooMontana Grizzly Bear made his second annual Super Bowl prediction during an event yesterday.

ZooMontana staffers placed two peanut butter cakes in front of Ozzy, one decorated in Seattle colors and one with the Denver Broncos logo.  After carefully examining both cakes, Ozzy scarfed down the Broncos cake.  Ozzy is hoping to remain undefeated, after successful predicting a Baltimore Ravens win last year.

But how does Ozzy's pick match up with other football fans from the animal kingdom?  Eli the Ape from Utah has picked the Super Bowl winner six years in a row and is predicting a Seahawks victory. Buffett the Manatee in Florida has successfully picked the SB winner six consecutive years and has picked the Broncos.

What does it all mean? If a creature from the sea won't pick the SEAhawks, that's not a good omen for Seattle fans.