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Just Slow Down
Yup this is a picture of a road in Billings. With the snow that we have had all I can say is just slow down when you are driving! You might just save yourself some insurance money as well as a major headache!
Flight Delay
Recently I headed back home where I grew up to see my Mom and daughters and granddaughters. This isn't about them yet this is about getting stuck in the Twin City's for a night. My flight was delayed out of St Louis so I was late getting to St Paul and missed my flight to Billings...
Bad Weather Ahead
Heavy snow and blowing snow expected. Travel will be very difficult to impossible, especially Friday through Friday
Trivia Tonight At Tinys
Trivia is back at Tiny's. This season promises to be the best season ever of trivia at Tiny's! . If you want to have some fun join Tim and myself at 8pm tonight. The winner of each round gets a free pizza and the winner of the night gets a $50 gift card for Tiny's...
Good Evening Billings
I like the clouds and the wide open sky's of Montana. I took this picture the other evening as the sun was setting out in my front yard God makes some dynamite pictures. Don't you think? Ain't Life Grand!!

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