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Couple Bums In Vegas
This is my friend Tim most people know him as Slimy. They say there is a reason for that name but I can only guess. I'm not sure I want to know the truth. But here we are at the Las Vegas Nascar Track last year. Won't be long and we will be there again...
Basketball Tonight
The crosstown classic continues tonight as Billings Skyview takes on Billings West at Rimrock Auto Arena at Metra Park.  The ladies play at 6pm and the boys at 7:30
How Bout Some Shine
Well my brother knows the cat who brews this shine. I have never had apple pie shine but I have drank shine when I was in Kentucky. If you would like to get somewhere real fast and never leave your seat shine is the way to go. Spirits Of The Rockies...
Great Place For A Cold One
Bridger is a small town with a good place to stop and have a cold beer. My friend patch owns the Dry Creek in Bridger and it is a great place to stop and take a break from headin down the road. You can wet your whistle and have some good conversation with the one eyed man...

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