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Montana In 1939
One thing that I love most is history. One of my favorite things about history is seeing the place where I live in old-time photos.
One Big Sky Discussed Thursday
Q2 reports the proposed One Big Sky Center project in downtown Billings has supporters, but it also faces a lot of funding questions, as evidenced by citizens at a public meeting on Thursday night.
Those involved in studying the project say to get to the second phase, they need $675,000...
Snowiest Feb. on Record
The Gazette reports that, with the shortest month of the year in the rear view mirror, Billings had its second-snowiest February on record, adding almost 32-and-a-half inches of powder to a year that already ranks in the top 10 for snowfall, according to the National Weather Service...
March For Our Guns Rally
Student organizers of a Montana march against gun violence are planning to relocate their March For Our Lives event after discovering that an event called March For Our Guns was scheduled for the same time in the state capitol. Students have reignited the national gun debate by calling for action in…
4th Grader Dies of Flu
A fourth-grade student at St. Francis Catholic School died of influenza Tuesday, the first reported pediatric flu death in Montana this season, according to a RiverStone Health announcement on Wednesday. The girl had reportedly fallen ill on Sunday and died three days later...
Technology Overload!
all I saw was the top of their heads in my rearview mirror as if they were in prayer the whole time the train went by. Of course their lips weren't moving, they were just bowing to the alter of the cell phone.
Montanans Are Tough
If you live in Montana, you're tough. There are no two ways around it. You have to be because the Treasure State is a tough one itself and if you want to survive here you better have a strong stance on things.

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