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Oh Boy!
Well for the first time this year Mama had to scrape her windows to go to work. I told her be glad we don't live in Haver where they got a foot of snow.......That didn't impress her! Ain't life grand!
Fall Is Here
And just like that the change has taken place.  This is my favorite time of the year.  I like the cool morning weather, followed by the sun in the afternoon.  After yesterday and the sad events in Las Vegas and loosing Tom Petty, I needed a break...
It Is The Season
This is a picture of a tree that is in my yard. I woke up last Thursday and there was yellow leaves that had appeared overnight. So I took a picture. Then on Saturday I took another wow the color is changing fast. I will get a few more as it changes. I s...
I’m Pissed!
Tom Petty Dead at age 66.  I'll come back to that.  What the hell is wrong in this world?  50+ people killed in Las Vegas and 500+ hurt from some A**hole, who opened fire from the 32 floor in a hotel looking over a music gathering.  That story is the I woke up to this mornin…
Looks Like We’ve Lost Tom Petty
We all woke up to tragedy and aching hearts with the news of the Las Vegas shooting this morning and now I hear that we're losing such an incredible talent, I'm just ready to go home and turn off the news.

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