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100 Years Of Excitement
This weekend on Friday and Saturday it is the 100th running of the Great American Pro Championship Motorcycle Hill Climb. Things start off both mornings at 9am and run through the day. More excitement than you can imagine both days. Billings south hills is where the party is all weekend long...
A Couple Old Guys With Missing Teeth
I must say I have more than my friend. He is toothless and I still can eat corn on the cob! I must say my friend has never forgotten me even when he was in France and I didn't see him for years.
Good Turnout For Bike Night At VFW
Bike Night was at the VFW Post 1634 last night and it turned out great. After a wind and rainy beginning. I would like to thank Hansons Motorsports presented by Klim and 509 for the Great American Hillclimb tickets that we gave away. Next Wednesday we are at Cowboys in Huntley...
Love The Clouds
This picture was taken at 5:05 am this morning. It won't be long and there wont be any sunshine till 8am or so. God paints some dynamite pictures! Don't you think?
The Adventures Of Soundman Pat From The Jam Castle
Well as I have stated there is a lot of Gypsy in Soundman Pat and Sound Dog Daisy is always along for the ride. Seems Pat has left Illinois gone to Tennessee for a while. He knows a guitar player there who is(or was) related to the late Roy Acuff and this cat needs a soundman from time to time...

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