Thanks to 103.7 The Hawk and BIN 119 Kevin and his lucky date will be attending the sold out Paul McCartney show in Missoula, Montana in August. Kevin was the first person to choose his Beetle in our Pick A Beetle contest - wisely choosing the blue "George Harrison" VW Beetle and winning himself the grand prize. Of course our other contestants didn't go home empty handed, everyone walked away with a prize! 

Everyone came to Bin 119 yesterday evening to signup and then we chose four random people who got to choose which beetle they wanted to open. Here's some video from the final stages of the contest:

These wonderfully restored VW Beetles were loaned out to us from our awesome friends at Big Sky Beetles Car Company. These guys specialize in restoring old VW Beetles to pristine condition. They do a damn good job too! Check out these photos of their cars and the team.

Rick Roddam had a chance to talk to one of their mechanics, Randy about the company and what they do.