The battle-cry of a city defined by it's rather quirky and exuberant population. The IFC sketch show 'Portlandia' is focused around poking 'gentle' fun at some of the more common types of people and activities that you might run into while visiting Portland, Oregon.

The following video is from the pilot episode and it really sets the scene for both the city of Portland and the show 'Portlandia'.

Intrigued? Good! Because Netflix has at the first two seasons streaming right now! IFC just wrapped up Portlandia's third season so you can expect Season 3 to hit Netflix eventually. Oh and yes that is Fred Armisen of 'Saturday Night Live' fame. His co-star is Carrie Brownstein is a musician friend of Fred's who has a surprisingly talented actress who has a knack for comedic timing.

I could talk on and on about how awesome this show is, but instead I'm just going to let some of my favorite clips from the show speak for me.