There's not a lot of great Asian food here in Billings.  In fact, the sushi at Albertson's is better than most restaurants in town.  However, there is one really good sushi place in Billings, and that's the Asian Sea Grill on the West End.  It's pricey, but it's the only restaurant that does it right.

Evidently, there is one guy who didn't like the rolls.  On Sunday, 19 year old Dustin Gray got thrown in jail after getting into a fight with the sushi chef.  The fun began when the guy allegedly started cursing at the table.  Then he made racist comments to the staff.  Then all hell broke loose.  Before long, the knucklehead had the sushi chef in a headlock.  Eventually, he bit the sushi chef on the chest before the police showed up and led him away in cuffs.

Not only is the 19 year old man in idiot, but he's lucky he didn't get hurt.  Sushi chefs have really sharp knives and they how to use them.  I'd also be willing to bet that at least one of the employees at the restaurant knows karate.  They wouldn't even need a knife to take that chump, they could literally kick his butt right out the door.  Not only are sushi chefs skilled with weaponry and the martial arts, but they play with fire on a daily basis.  Had it not been for the other customers, there's a good chance they would have turned that moron's face into an onion volcano.

On thing's for sure.  I've gotta start eating at that place more often.  I've had many entertaining hibachi meals, but this one takes the cake.  I had dinner at the Asian Sea Grill last week and now I'm kicking myself for missing the fight.  Talk about dinner and a show.