Certainly I'm no "fasionista" or even care much what people wear. I'm a disc jockey, I can go to work dressed like Mrs. Roper from Three's Company if I want to.

But I'm a little concerned about this winter's trend in bringing back the puffy jacket. I had hoped 20 years ago that the quilted, testosterone draining outerwear would never be seen again on the slopes, or the streets of middle America. But no. Just like that nagging venereal decease, it's back.

It started with the always annoying Old Navy ads. In this one an assembly line fills the fluffy fare while draped over the bony shoulders of an emaciated model. AH OH! The machine has filled this one too full! And BOOM! Just like my head, it explodes!

I thought, "No one in Montana shops at Old Navy."  And then I saw it. I was waiting at a red-light downtown and crossing the street in front of me... A man in his mid 30s wearing a yellow puffy jacket! He looked like a malnutritioned Michelin Man with liver problems.

My foot was edging off the brake and onto the accelerator. But then I thought to myself, "meh, that coat is punishment enough". Of course in the big scheme of things this matters not. Next year will be something else recycled that the fashion industry will insist you wear or horrible things may happen to you and your children.

Well I'm off  to the internet to do some clothes shopping. You just can't find a good 3X muumuu in this town!