You never know who you're going to bump into on the elevator at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Billings.  Last week, I ran into the legendary punk band "Black Flag" on their way up to the 4th floor laundry mat.

This afternoon, I saw a tour bus pull up in front of the hotel.  Sure enough, it was Three Days Grace, the multi-platinum Canadian rock band scheduled to play the Babcock Theater tomorrow night. They spent their day off here in Billings having lunch at Stella's and hanging out downtown. I struck up a brief conversation with their bassist Brad Walst.

And you'll never guess who was riding in the elevator with us, none other than Billings Mayor Tom Hanel.  I have met the Mayor many times and I asked him if he was familiar with Three Days Grace.  He said he hadn't heard of the band, but he was glad they were visiting Billings.  When I explained to him that they scored a huge hit in 2003 with the song "I Hate Everything About You", the Mayor looked a little freaked out.

Brad Walst smiled and told Mayor Hanel it was nice to meet him.  Somehow, I get the feeling the Mayor won't be there to see their show tonight at the Babcock.

Three Days Grace' tour bus outside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Billings