The weekend is finally here and I can almost taste that first beer now.  Since it's about time to stop working and start drinking, today's blog is a salute to my favorite local libations.  I've lived all over the country and, after one month here in Montana, I've been pleasantly surprised with both the quality and variety of homegrown brews.  Here's my top 5:

1.  The "Irish Street Fight Amber Ale" at Angry Hanks.  Might be one of the best beers I've ever tasted, which is bold statement.

2.  Bozone.  So far, I've only tried the Ale that is sold in bars here in Billings.  However, I look forwarding to visiting the brewery in Bozeman.  If they are all as good as the ale is, I might never leave.

3.  The Tactical IPA at Uberbrew.  An IPA that definitely lives up to its name. It's hoppy without being too overpowering.

4.  The Fatbelly Amber Ale Montana Brewing Company.  Any beer named "fatbelly" was meant to be drank by this fat guy.  After several rounds, I was not disappointed.

5.  The De-Ralied IPA at Carter's Brewery.  Be careful with this one, it's called De-Railed for a reason.  A hoppy beer that definitely packs a punch.

It's important to note, this is not a definitive list of the best beers in Billings.  I've only been here a month and I have many more local brews left to drink.  Eventually, I will try them all.  Cheers.